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About us

We started WU XING - the first Chinese restaurant with exclusive home delivery activity - in August 1999.   After only 1 year from our start, while the Bucharest market has become more crowded, WU XING ran into the leader position, due to the quality of our products and services, as well as a result of the increasing number of daily orders.

Wu Xing (五行) means five elements and represents a conceptual scheme with five steps used in traditional Chinese philosophy to explain a wide range of phenomena , from cosmic cycles interaction between internal organs." The five elements" are Wood (木) , Fire (火) , Earth (土tǔ ) , Metal (金) and Water (水) . The order of presentation is known as the " Mutual generation sequencing". More details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Xing

In 2013, according to the study Daedalus, with over 10 million servings sold, WU XING is "The no. 1 of Bucharest inhabitants of Chinese food."

Following the Western model, we wanted to offer to our customers the possibility of getting in their homes and offices, through a simple phone call or Internet click, any sort of meal they want.

Client is our main concern. Thus, we have structured our specific strategy for development and diversification of the products range. Since very few people still have time to spend it in the kitchen but they won’t give up healthy food, we offer them the chance to use their spare time for other personal activities.

WU XING has continuously followed, during its activity, the 5 elements of the well done job: quality, promptitude, confidence, consistency, honesty.


Building a long-term sustainable business with a high degree of satisfaction of customers, employees and partners.


To be a symbol of harmony for the people and by the people, an example of excellence and passion, transparent and open to anyone our threshold.


People: Whether our customers, employees and partners, they are the North Star that guides us the way
Quality: Our clients deserve the best
Excellence: We heart in everything we do.
Transparency: our doors are open to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Flexibility: We are open to people with new ideas and value.
Balance: Looking permanent state of harmony through balance of basic elements in our recipes

Social and environmental sustainability of the business in the long term determines our every decision everyday!

The success of our business is based on our employees’ passion for work; they are prompt, kind and professional. From the 8 employees we had when we started the activity, we turned now to over 130 persons. From one delivery car, we have now a fleet of over 30 vehicles which ensure the rapid delivery all over Bucharest and the limitrof areas.

Now we have over 100,000 customers from banking system, embassies, TV stations or other mass media institutions, as well as from various companies. For them we deliver from morning till night fresh cooked meals.

In order to ensure the efficiency in our delivery time, WU XING is using a specific software for both processing and delivery time from the nearest centre to the client.

We always try to fulfill the customers’ preferences: if you desire your meal less spicy or salty or a little bit sourer, our cooks will prepare it as you mention in your order.

All our production centers are organized according to the European specific regulations and the raw materials are imported directly from China.

Have a nice meal!

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